Important message!
In the last period, with the drop in the cryptocurrency market price, it is no longer possible for us to bear the costs of the current service.
For this reason there will be a shift on the new trading service that we have opened in the last days.

For these reasons, the transfer to the new site is under way.
Here are the next steps that our users will have to do to complete the transfer:

Step 1: Register and secure your own account HERE, using the same transfer email.
Step 2: Once the registration is complete, send the request using the FORM, inserting as Title: Transfer Account and as a message your email and the request for transfer of the Budget.

Staff will make the transfer eliminating the budget in next 24 hours after receiving the request.
Then a report will be made on September 15th when the Hashrate of mining will be reset by moving the final budgets to the new site!


We apologize for the inconvenience, we are always trying to offer better service!

The new site will include information on our Cloud Mining service in the coming days.

This page will remain active until September 15th, the day of the reset, then we will definitely move on to the new portal!