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Cloud Mining Platform

Every registered user can use the Cloud Mining service that Bitminer.eu brings forward from days!

Instant Buy!

Using the Mining Balance, you can buy Mining Power and get the mining revenue right away, based on the power you buy!
It is possible to fund Mining Balance through your Bitminer.eu Wallet in a totally automatic way.

Get Paid every day

Mining payments are credited on the Mining Balance every day, between 8 and 12 AM. GMT.
The mining balance is secure and can not be picked up if not by explicit request and transferred to the main wallet.

100% Secure!

We've created this platform to ensure maximum security in all transactions, both from mining, through a specific budget, and as a wallet service, with all the latest facilities to keep Bitcoin secure.

Buy and Store

Through our service you can buy Bitcoin, send them and receive them on your wallet. Deposit to the mining balance and buy Hash Power to receive payments every day.
Everything is transparent and safe.
Bitminer.eu uses the latest hardware available on the market and works to get a 99% uptime and follows the market to give its users the best out there.

MINING - Estimated Coins Per Day
0.00000000 BTC/HS
0.00000000 BTC/GHS
0.00000000 BTC/MHS
0.00000002 BTC/MHS
0.00000350 BTC/MHS
0.00000000 BTC/GHS
0.00000005 BTC/MHS
0.00000001 BTC/MHS

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